Saturday, February 4, 2012

Painted Cromwells

Here are some painted Hät Armourfast Cromwells that will be brilliant to fight with the Revell British Infantry in the Western Front.
Now that they have been painted, all they need is markings and weathering. Then a varnish and they will be ready to the battle in the bocage.

Painted British Infantry

Here are my painted Revell British Infantry. I intend to use them as my main wargaming British force as they better fit the profile of late-war North-West Europe combat that are not fulfilled by the Esci British Infantry.
These include the need of Stens instead of Thompsons to be the sub-machine gun of choice. Also the bizarre Esci PIAT that has a strange design.

Finally, the mortars in this set can fulfill the need for tactical artillery.

Vietcong Painted Figures

This is a painted set of Esci/Italeri Vietcong. I decided to choose the tan colours instead of the green colours as it would much more easier to make a distinction.

Painted American Vietnam Figures

I have painted the Esci/Italeri American Special Forces for Vietnam.
Of course the main attention seekers are the Rambo themed figures. The set seems much more cliche with this set.