Saturday, July 16, 2011


I will show you how I base my infantry. Here is my example. These are Airfix, Esci and knock off 1/32 Airfix infantry in a combination.

Step 1: Glue infantry onto bases with PVA. Bases are 4cm x 2cm or 2cm x 2cm depending on 1 or 2 figures.
Step 2: Paint a base coat on the base. I use brown since often dirt is seen underneath grass. A green base coat is good if you do not have a lot of flock and want to make the base have almost only grass.

Step 3: 'Paint' on PVA glue (preferably watered down to flow easier). This is for the flock to glue on.
Step 4: Put on the flock. Any excess flock should be tapped off.
Step 5: Let the glue dry. A coat of varnish should keep too much flock from falling off.