Saturday, February 26, 2011

German Vehicles, Weapons and Horses

Here is my German WW2 collection that I use for wargaming.

The Revell horse artillery and 105mm gun is a great set and my only problem with it was the limber. It is a very delicate placement but is also very good for wargaming since by 1944, only 1 third of the German army was mechanized.
A lone German patrolman/artillery spotter
Here is 2 PaK 40's. One is useful for Europe and Russia while the other for service in the Afrika Korps.
Here is a FlaK 88 ready for use in the deserts of North Africa in the service for the Afrika Korps.
2 Hetzers useful for late war battles.
StuG IV from the factory ready for use on the Eastern Front.
Here is a 10.5cm leFH artillery gun ready to give some poor Soviet conscript a bad time.

FlaK 88 not yet based but will in battles in Europe and Russia.
Here is the SdKfz 8 with it tracks missing ready to tow the Flak 88.
German motorcyclist scout ready to go on a recon mission.
An Afrika Korps SdKfz 222 and Kubelwagen. They're useful in a scouting mission toward allied waepons.
The famous Sd Kfz 251 Ausf.D ready to deploy Panzergrenadiers in the fields of Russia.

A SdKfz 11 ready to tow some artillery.
Another 2 Hetzers ready to be deployed into the Ardennes.
The Panzer II is ready for combat. This is one of my favourite vehicles of my collection.
2 StuGs, one destined to combat western allies, the other destined to combat the Soviet Union.
A Panzer III in late war type camouflage.
The 2 types of Panzer IV. The F1 with the 75mm short gun and the F2 with the 75mm long gun.
Jagdpanzer IV ready to ambush some poor American assault group in the Western Front.
The famous Tiger ready for deployment in Normandy.
Finally, 3 Panthers in 3 different camouflage schemes ready to combat the allies.

So this is my collection of WW2 military ground vehicles.