Sunday, November 13, 2011

Recent Projects: Italians, Russians and British Vehicles

Here are some new pictures of some vehicles that I got earlier in the building process.
The Airfix Ilyushin Strumovik has the crew painted but the rest is waiting for several coats of paint.
Here, I have some Armorfast Hät Cromwells that are the mainstay of the late war British army. Also some 2 Airfix Churchills. These tanks will be big boost to the British late war forces.
The Italian M13/40 was the main Italian made tank of the Italian Army. This tank is very cool but was crap in the face of British forces. This tank and the other are good armoured companions to the Italian and German infantry.
This Italeri clip together kit is nice and simple without any lack of detail.
Also I have a desert 4.5/5.5 inch gun to provide the 8th Army artillery cover. The crew are a mixture of knock-off modified Airfix 8th Army and knock-off 1/72 versions of the 1/32 scale Airfix British paratroopers. I decided to use them instead of 25 pounder crew as they look more exciting and cover more aspects.
An Humber armored car that my Dad got and Trade Me completed has been painted and weathered by me. I have needed this reconnaissance for British desert forays against the Afrika Korps.
All these tanks and aircraft will be used later on in wargames along with the newer stuff I brought from Cambridge.